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Biology Research Assignment: Do We Classify Viruses As Living? (Essay Sample)


Do we classify viruses as living? Give support for both the yes and no arguments. No less than 250 words


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Do we classify viruses as living?
Viruses are not classified as living things. They are made of an assembly of molecules consisting of nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. Unlike the living things, viruses do not perform processes essential for all living things such as metabolism and excretion. Furthermore, viruses do not grow and respond to stimuli (Villarreal, 2004). Most of the living things reproduce independently through various modes of reproduction such as sexual and asexual reproduction. On the other hand, viruses do not reproduce independently. They reproduce by invading other living cells to replicate. For instance, when they enter living cells, viruses facilitate chemical reactions which lead

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