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Personal Reflection: Write Anything About Myself, Family, Interest (Essay Sample)


a essay write anything about myself, family, interest or ..... needs five paragraph


Personal Reflection:
It is often said that one cannot understand someone else if he or she doesn’t understand himself or herself first. The first step towards understanding everything in a person’s environment is by first of all understanding the internal aspects. More often than not, persons try to figure out another person’s personality by studying them. They would go further and look in detail at how their subjects act around different individuals. Besides, they can study how they respond to distinct situations. These are realities of life that cannot be assumed. Individuals behave so differently and maybe that’s what defines us. Or rather, that’s basically how we are. I find it more or less a noble thing to know oneself, since it is only through such knowledge that one can exercise aspects of tolerance and understanding towards others. Understanding oneself entails looking at myself, family, friends and all the other factors that surround and affect me directly or indirectly.
For example, some people are very subtle when they are in the company of their families but exhibit a boisterous and loud character (a completely different personality) when with friends. This might be out of peer pressure which pushes us to be people we are not, or simply the real us, coming out as a result of favorable audiences. Mostly, we all show our true characters and personalities when we are with the people who make us feel comfortable. Otherwise, we do not show our personalities for fear of victimization and embarrassment. Similarly, some individuals put on particular clothes to fit in with a certain group of persons. It might not just be clothes, more and more things out there might also fall under the same pressure exerted by peers. In order to pamper our esteem, we simply follow suit, mostly to our detriment. On the other hand, some do not raise their concerns or even opinions and just flow with the group and miss out on standing up for what they believe in or even on being counted.
From a persona

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