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Daily Calorie Intake: Nutrition and Metabolism (Essay Sample)


Daily Calorie Intake and Expenditure
This is a Hands-On Labs experiment that explores nutrition, consumption, and expenditure of calories that you consume every day.
Follow the instructions for Exercises 1 and 2 in the Nutrition and Metabolism experiment. You will be calculating your daily calorie requirements, and then tracking the food you consume for a single day to assess how many calories you eat. Use the data recorded and your calculations to write a report. You do not need to submit the Lab Report Assistant.
Create a Report or Presentation
Use the following outline to describe the data from your lab in a report. Label each portion of the lab as described below.
Introduction: Start with a broad discussion of nutrition and calories, and then narrow your focus to the question(s) that you are trying to answer. What questions could you answer after performing this lab? Conclude the introduction with a hypothesis—a statement that reflects what you believe the outcome of this lab will be.
Material List: Identify all items that you used and the exact quantities, as applicable. This may be a very short section.
Methods: Describe how you conducted the experiment, including any safety precautions you took while performing the lab. Be sure to include any changes that you made to the original instructions. This should be a short, paraphrased version of the methods from the lab. Do not copy from the lab; Turnitin will highlight it as plagiarism.
Results/Data: Create a table or a figure that reflects/compares the results of your experiment.
Discussion: Review your results and determine if your experiment supports or refutes your hypothesis. Explain why. Then expand your discussion to address other topics related to activity levels. Does age affect any of the values calculated? What impact do vitamins and minerals have on metabolism? How are they depleted, and how do we replace them? Will you try to make any changes to the food you eat, or to your regular level of activity, after this lab?
Conclusion: End with a section describing something that intrigued you about the lab; identify errors that may have impacted your results, or note errors in the lab itself; and provide recommendations for future labs.
If you are doing the report, it should be 4-5 pages long, not including the title page.
Reference at least two journal articles.
Include a title page and references at the end.
Follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.


Nutrition and Metabolism
Your Name
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By definition, Nutrition is the supply of resources to the body to maintain its healthy functioning. More particularly, this happens through the ingestion and digestion of food as well as its distribution to the cells throughout the whole body. It is said that while there are seven types of micronutrients, the macronutrients – lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins – are some of the most utilized portions of out diet. Other types of nutrients could include fiber and water amongst other organic compounds. In contrast to this, metabolism refers to most of the chemical processes that make the flow of nutrition possible. This specific process of providing nutritive resources to the body could be broken down into two sections, which are anabolism and catabolism. On the one hand, Catabolism refers to the process of breaking down of different materials and molecules so that it could enter the bloodstream and provide supply for the cells themselves. On the other hand, Anabolism refers to the creation or synthesis of such materials to obtain energy and create structures at the cellular level. In line with this, it must be noted that a failure between any of these two is critical for the existence of life itself. Even in humans, diseases and illnesses occur due to severe malnutrition. Estimates even state that every year, about 2.6 million children die in the world, due to this phenomena and it is increasing even more. Consequently, the author of this article believes that this exacerbates the need for a more thorough understanding of nutrition especially for health practitioners. Thus, in the succeeding sections of the article nutrition and how it affects us in our daily lives would be further discussed. This includes a calculation of a person's resting daily energy expenditure (RDEE) and total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) as well as a flow chart of how the energy is utilized within the body.
Materials List:
In this experiment, the following materials are used.
Bathroom Scale 1
Book (for measuring) 1
Pencil 1
Cloth Tape Measure 1

Clear Tape 1
The first part of the experiment was aimed at calculating the body's Resting Daily Energy Expenditure (RDEE). To start with, the researcher measured the height of the participants using a book and a measuring tape. Before doing this, however, accuracy was assured as the participants were asked to remove their shoes as well as other belongings that could affect their height. After this, a measurement of one's weight was also conducted with the precautions on the accuracy of taking the weight, put into consideration. After gathering the data for both height and weight, Benedict Equation was then placed in a tabular form (Data Table 1), and Harris-Benedict equation was utilized to calculate for the RDEE. To be able to compute for the participant

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