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Urinalysis: Results And A Description Of The Parameters (Essay Sample)


This is a Hands-On Labs exercise that explores the characteristics of urine and what can cause those characteristics to change. You will be doing a visual inspection of urine and testing it with urinalysis test strips to assess the concentration of various compounds that may be present.
Follow the directions for the Urinalysis experiment. Perform both parts: fasting and drinking distilled water. Record the data from the visual inspection and from the test strips in tables. Use that data to write a report, following the directions below for submission. **You do not need to submit the Lab Report Assistant**.
Create a Report
Use the following outline to describe the data from your lab in a report. Label each portion of the lab as described below.
Introduction: Start with a broad discussion of urine formation, and then narrow your focus to the question(s) that you are trying to answer. Conclude the introduction with a hypothesis—a statement that reflects what you believe the outcome of this lab will be. It's a good idea to include a discussion of how you think each characteristic of urine tested will change between the fasting and distilled water consumption parts.
Material List: Identify all items that you used and the exact quantities, as applicable. This may be a very short section.
Methods: Describe how you conducted the experiment, including any safety precautions you took while performing the lab. Be sure to include any changes that you made to the original instructions. Did you use different exercises? This should be a short, paraphrased version of the methods from the lab. Do not copy from the lab; Turnitin will highlight it as plagiarism.
Results/Data: Create a table or a figure that reflects/compares the results of your experiment.
Discussion: Review your results and determine if your experiment supports or refutes your hypothesis. Explain why. Then expand your discussion to address why and how your body creates the changes you observed as you increased the level of hydration. What effect does fasting have on the results? Be specific and give details.
Conclusion: End with a section describing something that really intrigued you; identify errors that may have impacted your results, or note errors in the lab itself; and provide recommendations for future labs.
If you are doing the report, it should be 4-5 pages long, not including the title page.
Reference at least two journal articles.
Include a title page and references at the end.
Follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.


Your Name
Your Institution of Affiliation
Urine is produced as kidneys of the body filters soluble wastes in the bloodstream and excretes them together with other substances such as water, sugar, and used compounds. During this process, the blood gets filtered in two bean-shaped organs (kidneys) and the resulting substances passes from the ureters, to the bladder, and lastly to the urethra. While knowing these structures are important, one of the most commonly studied aspect of urine is its very composition. This is because the amount of soluble substances that the urine contains could give an idea an idea about the medical problems that a patient is having. Problems, which are usually hard to detect through other medical procedures yet easier through a process called ‘urinalysis'. Following from this, the author of this article would like to understand in more detail how some of the parameters in measuring urine content could suggest possible underlying problems in an individual. Thus, a urinalysis would be conducted on a urine sample that is provided by the participant. This includes an analysis of the results and a description of the parameters, taken to measure it.
The following materials that were used in this test are provided below.
Bleach 1
Bottle of Distilled Water 1
Measuring cup 1
Paper towels 1
Tap water 1
Timer 1
Tape 1

Gloves 2
Test Strips 4
Urine Cups 2
In order to make sure that precise measurements could be made, the participants were first asked to not eat nor drink at least 2 hours before the experiment. As this is secured, the materials needed including, urine cups, tape, timer, test strips, and paper towels were prepared. After completing the first series of tests, the results and the time when it was viewed was recorded and placed in a tabular form as shown in Data Table 1. In doing this, nonetheless, both sanitary and safety guidelines for the procedure and disposal were maintained.
For the next part of the experiment, the researchers asked the participant to provide another urine sample after drinking 1liter of water in a span of two minutes. Before conducting this tests, however, the researcher first provided their hypothesis on how the results of the experiment could be affected by the water ingested. After a period of 1 hour, the urine sample was asked again and the same series of tests were conducted. The results were then recorded in Data Table 2.
Lastly, just as in the first tests, proper sanitary and safety procedures were also observed even until the disposal of the samples

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