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Disability issues in Canada (Essay Sample)

Prince discusses using an intersectional approach to addressing disability issues in Canada. Why might this be an effective strategy in a country characterized by social liberalism? Chapter 8. Prince, M. (2009). Absent Citizens: Disability Politics and Policy in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. source..

Disability Issues in Canada
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Canada is a developed nation with one of the world’s largest and advanced economies. It relationship with the United States makes Canada a crucial trade partner. The country’s social liberalized views have enabled the country’s social sector grow and prosper over the years. Data shows that over 14% of Canadians have reported being disabled. This is a large number considering the country has a population of over 35 million people as at 2013. The disabled population in Canada is subject to discrimination and limited access to basic social needs. The disabled are marginalized and segregated as they fall below the per capita segment of the population. The disabled are usually poor as they luck access to gainful employment that would enable them better themselves. The social liberal views of developed countries such as Canada have translated in governments leaving most of the social building to society and private entities fostering growth and industrialism. However, Canada has one of the best public healthcare systems in the world that caters for persons with disability. But there is a need to ensure the needs of this destitute in society are addressed.
To address the needs of the disabled, the government of Canada through its legislative arm has put laws in place that will ensure the rights of the disabled are protected. These laws ensure the social welfa...
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