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Looking at Contemporary Japanese Art (Essay Sample)

Write critical response paper discussing (comparing and contrasting)a minimum of 3 works of art as discussed in the chapters: line, shape, mass, color, etc as well as the handout aon "analyzing art". Be sure to incorporate some of the items mentioned in the handout. source..

Looking at Contemporary Japanese Art
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The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. — Aristotle
There are many forms of art and through history it has continued to branch out. From traditional pieces, we have come to that era where contemporary pieces have finally made its share of awes. No matter the art, however, for one with a keen eye, there is always a story to tell - a meaning behind it, for true art is a form of expression. For my essay, I have decided to particularize on Asian works; I have selected three pieces of contemporary art from different artists, each of which I believe is uniquely designed to convey the candor of human nature.
I have decided to make my focus on Japanese works of art since there is that element of surprise and distinctiveness which makes their collection more compelling to my taste. My selection then includes Tetsuya Ishida`s "Strange World;; Masayo Odahashi`s "The view inward;; and Chiho Aoshima`s "Pink Dream;. All three are evidently expressions of human endeavors; on the other hand, they are quite different from one another in that one piece conveys a different character than the other. In other words, they are uniquely defined by the stories, or perhaps emotion, that they portray.
"Strange World;
Tetsuya Ishida
At first glimpse, I found this particular surreal piece of Ishida as mind-boggling. Not to mention the fact that it gave me goose bumps. It was, in a sense, eerie but then at the same time, interesting and quite sensible. Then again, it is nothing new as throughout the rest of his career, Ishida`s style lies mainly on being grotesque. His theme meanwhile was generally focused on the circumstances in Japan and its people - it was political, emotional, and personal for some.
In this case is a man who is half-naked, with the rest of his body - for the most part of the lower area - covered in several faces of various expressions. The main man on the other hand - the one whose body is covered - has his face with a blank expression. As well, his one hand is placed holding another which is clearly not his own. Meanwhile, the tone of the painting is made to a monotonous setting; hence, even without thinking too hard, the audience would immediately feel the presence of obscurity in the painting.
In reflecting upon the painting, I found it ‘serious`. It may have been made to be personal but not necessarily exclusive to one character; perhaps this man in the painting signified a greater populace. The whole scenario was made ...
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