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paper prompt on the play Wit. < watch this play The fine arts, Theatre being no exception, often cause us to view the world from a different perspective than our own. Margaret Edson's Wit is an unflinching depiction of Vivian Bearing's journey through the last days of her life. Major themes in the play are LIFE, DEATH and REDEMPTION. How does Dr. Bearing's approach to life affect the acceptance of her pending death? HINT: A dying individual's approach to death is linked to the amount of meaning and purpose a person has found throughout their lifetime. Kubler-Ross (five stages of grief) source..

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Margaret Edson uses the Wit play to depict death and the last stages of life. The play is all about everything that is not graceful and seems to be unkind on the last days of ones life. It is about Grace, redemption, knowledge and love all conveyed in their opposites. Arrogance, miscommunications and misunderstandings are the main concepts shown in the play. The main character of the play is Vivian Bearing who is diagnosed with Ovarian cancer (A type of cancer that few women survive). It takes us through the dilemmas of Vivian with her medical team in an attempt to rebuild her life in her last days (Eads, 2002).
The platy starts with Vivian, a thin, barefooted and hairless woman, entering the stage in a hospital gown. She looks depressed but still has high hopes towards survival. In a few minutes, we are taken back by a flashback on how she came to learn that she was sick. Dr. Hervey Kelekian was the one who passed the grieving news to her. He tried to use all the medical terminologies that seemed to be soft to the patient (Eads, 2002). However, Vivian is seen to oppose whatever the Doctor is saying .She is faced with a state of total denial and refuses to accept.
Vivian looks shocked and numb and wonders what life beholds of her. The writer here tries to make what sickness and breaking of such news can break someone’s heart. Denial as she says is the first reaction to face a difficulty in life. The state of denial brings about fear and hopelessness (Eads, 2002). Fighting with denial brings about anger, guilt and depression. However, the viewer is made to understand that denial ends up with grace and reconciliation with someone’s mind.
As she accepts the new condition in her life, Vivian is seen to be asking herself why it’s happening to her. This is what results to anger according to Edson. The writer says that anger is a result of denial and it’s what many people are used to manage in order to survive death. When one is angry, pain and emotions become very high. This feeling can even be extended to people around you either your family, friends or even to the doctors. Vivian seems to be deserted in her motions and feels so lost. She asks herself so many questions like why it had to happen to her and even questions God for her loss.
Edson feels that these are the first cruel stages in a person’s acceptance to f...
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