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Copyright and Sampling Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Need to see a document called: copyright and criminals, and then writing requirements are: Are you for or against sampling? Why? Give a detailed opinion of your thoughts and views.


Copyright sampling and criminals
Copyright sampling is simply the extraction of musical or film content from existing works, which are used in new creative work. The documentary titled The copyright and criminals, revolves around the idea of artistic reproduction ,especially concerning the distinct importance or value placed upon sampling in music. The documentary identifies sampl9ng to be as old as the music industry itself,and involves taking up earlier recordings and then recycling them,but in a more polished or embellished version. While in the early 80s and 90s this was embraced as part and parcel of creativity,the current age deems it otherwise. The idea of copyright sampling is viewed by many as controversial both in legal and musical terms. The advancement in music technology has resulted in many criminal cases of copyright sampling. From a personal opinion however, not all use of copyright sampling in music or films is as wrong as many people view it. There has been the successful use of copyright sampling in educational settings and artistic work. This essay seeks to give a detailed opinion on why I support copyright sampling.
First,is the creative benefit it has on music. The documentary highlights the works of Public Enemy, De La Soul and the Beastie Boys as the best examples of sampling successes of the years. These artistes managed to come up with even better and more complex versions of the original melodies. They were part

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