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MUS 1100 Sound Health: Music and Relaxation Spring 2018 (Reaction Paper Sample)


MUS 1100 Sound Health: Music and RelaxationSpring 2018
This week we will begin exploring the listening activities featured in the textbook. To make the most of these experiences, find a private, comfortable, and use a set of headphones if possible, so as much background noise can be eliminated as possible. Inform anyone around you that you cannot be interrupted for the next 30 minutes. Try to approach this as your special downtime, not another item on the weekly checklist to complete.
1) Sit in a comfortable chair or position. Do not lay down unless you know you can do so without falling asleep.
2) Take 10 deep breaths in and out, exhaling and inhaling slow and steady each time. Try to clear your mind with each breath cycle, focusing on its steady flow, in and out, each time.
3) When you have finished your 10th exhalation...
Complete the listening activities surrounding "Lullaby" by Daniel Kobialka, tracks #15 and #16 on the textbook's accompanying CD.
Write a 250-word reflection in MLA format comparing and contrasting the two versions of the activity. Submit all assignments through Blackboard, in the Assignments Folder.
Reflections can include whatever thoughts you see as most important about your experience. If you get stuck on the way to that 250-mark, however, consider the following:
- How did you approach each listening session? Were you highly stressed, normal-stressed, loving life, or something else before you started listening? Why were you in that state?
- Why did you choose the selections you chose?
- Did anything stand out to you during the actual listening session?
- Were you relaxed when the music stopped? Did the music enhance relaxation? If not, do you have any thoughts on why?


Reaction paper
“Lullaby” by Daniel Kobialka, tracks 15 and 16
After a series of breathing sessions, I was almost relaxed and was ready for the pieces. There were no noises to distract me in any way or interfere with the full immersion into the music. I was a bit tensed at the start as I did not know what to expect. However, as the music started playing, my mind drifted into a calm state. With clear thoughts. First feeling through the music notes, the instruments the perfect composition and finally drifting into a state of happy thought and lighter mood.
For the most part it is the element of a soothing natu

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