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Art Criticism Paper (Essay Sample)

- I choose work of art \\\"Young Italian Woman at a Table\\\" by Paul Cezanne -Purpose: Write a focused paper on one original work of art that was seen in person this semester. -Structure: Focus on one work of art (but you may include comparisons of other works) and describe well. Paper should include an application of appropriate art vocabulary, concepts, and historical context. Paper should be thoughtful, interesting, and provide a vivid description. Language should be clear and concise and free of significant grammatical and spelling errors. *More information is included in this paper about approaches. - Bibliography/ Reference page: Include source..
In Young Italian Woman the painter sets to the canvas a great span of discernment and mood that is greater than that of his imitator friends. This skill is not evident from the themes alone but also in his clear and painterly traits as well. He colors and or draws, is also able to follow his immediate feeling of nature and or composes. Besides, he can paint with a virile brush solidly, or in the most fragile meager watercolor, and yet is equally confident with both. He possessed a firm faith in spontaneous emotional response, in the content of the sincere self. In this portrait there is passion and coolness, grave and light and portends consistent honesty.
In comparison, the lives of Gauguin and Van Gogh have blinded the audience to what is noble and complete in Cézanne's less sensational, though anguished, career. However, Cezanne has outlived these younger contemporaries by being more fortunate in overcoming impulses and situations that are dangerous to art. He managed to mature more fully and to realize many more of his artistic ideas during his lifetime.
After considerable number of years, it has become evident that the level of allegory use by Cezanne`s portraits of art has drastically moved to free concepts. For instance, Cézanne's painting, which appears as old-fashioned in its attachment to nature, preserves itself as a fresh and inspiration to contemporary painters of all ages. Even though he has created no school, his works has resulted to an impulse directly or indirectly to every upcoming interest group since his death. His aptitude to arouse artists of varied tendencies and temperaments is due to the element that he noted with equal completeness of so many different approaches through Young Italian Woman his artworks. It has always been true in leading modern painters so that single ideas could be developed with great force. It has also provided one element or expressive note which has been propagated with striking effects.
Cézanne`s Young Italian Woman provides a striking and comprehensive depiction of character, however, other later producers have continued from his foundation on particular elements of his style. Modeling, structure, color, expression, drawing and touch are catapulted to new heights in his work. the images are extensively rich in evocative content than has been hypothetical and also through his uncontrived strokes which make the audience note that there can be qualities of immensity in modest touches of paint. In the pictures, single brush strokes make known an uncanny choice that decides on the unity of a whole region of structures. Out of these emerges a moving impression of a familiar natural world with a deepened harmony that invites meditation. His painting is a balanced art, not in the sense that it is stabilized or moderate in its effects, but that opposed qualities are joined in a scrupulously controlled play. He is inventive and perfect in many different aspects of his art. Due to comm...
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