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art history about TADAO ANDO (Essay Sample)

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Art History of Tadao Ando Name: Institution: Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc309741710 \h 1Introduction: Biography of the Artists PAGEREF _Toc309741711 \h 1Tadao`s Architectural Impression PAGEREF _Toc309741712 \h 2References PAGEREF _Toc309741713 \h 7Appendices PAGEREF _Toc309741714 \h 8Appendix 1: Row House, Sumiyoshi House 1975. PAGEREF _Toc309741715 \h 8Appendix 2: Rokko House I. 1981 PAGEREF _Toc309741716 \h 8Appendix 3: Church of Light PAGEREF _Toc309741717 \h 9Appendix 4: Church by water PAGEREF _Toc309741718 \h 9Appendix 5: Drawing of Modern art museum, Fort Worth PAGEREF _Toc309741719 \h 10 Abstract Tadao Ando is a Japanese architect and designer who has come of age, after learning design from observation and repeated sketching. The architect career has progressed from the simple geometrical buildings, to modern artistic buildings. This progress has seen remarkable adaptations of the themes of light, water and nature with modern and traditional Japanese designs. The architect has managed to defined his style apart from his mentors Le Corbusier, Lloyd Wright, to reveal his inner expression of architecture. His style makes use of water, light and geometry elements to produce rhythm in density, volume and light as seen in the buildings Row house or Sumiyoshi, Chapel of light, Rokko housing I, Church by the Water and Fort Worth`s Museum for modern art. Keywords: Tadao Ando, Rokko housing I, Church by the Water and Fort, water element, light element. Introduction: Biography of the Artists The artist was born in Osaka, Japan in the year 1941. Tadao was raised by his grandmother in this city, and spent most of his time outdoors after the war. As a teenager, between the ages of 10 and 17, Tadao worked in a local carpentry shop, where he learnt the skills of manipulating wood to create beautiful furniture, and several wooden ships and airplane pieces (Bell, 2005). These skills were gained by the artists from out of class work, since Tadao preferred working outside, rather than class work, since he did not consider himself a scholar. Upon reaching 18, the artists visited temples, Japanese tea houses, shrines in Nara and Kyoto where he was exposed to different traditional Japanese architecture (Bell, 2005). Therefore, his architectural classes began with his outdoor and exploratory activities within his locality. His interest in architecture grew at this point, for it also drove him to read books on architectural buildings he was visiting. Architectural interest was also heightened by his the first book he bought the sketches of Le Corbusier. To teach himself, Tadao retraced Le Corbusier sketches repeatedly till the pages of the book turned black (Bell, 2005). Tadao is the model of a self made architect who taught himself from the works of Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto, Ludwig Mies, Louis Kahn and Lloyd Wright (Bell, 2005). Later in the late 1960s, Tadao took trips to America, Europe and Africa, as he began to create his own ideas on architectural designs before he founded his own architectural association in 1969. This research shall look in depth at the architecture`s work and development over time. To understand the development of his career, the research shall look at three masterpieces designed by the artist during his profession. In addition, the research paper shall look at the detailed themes depicted by each of these buildings in order to reveal the level of development. Tadao`s Architectural Impression The first impression, i had after viewing some of Tadao`s architectural designs was the materiality aspect. Looking at his buildings reveals Tadao`s love for large powerful walls which set a limit on the buildings. Secondly, I had the impression that his technique had tactility, since though the walls were h...
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