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Paper Proposal: The Myth of Purity Social Sciences Coursework (Coursework Sample)


project proposal (15%)
at the end of week 3, you will submit a final project proposal and an annotated bibliography. in this 500-word proposal, you will outline your plan for your final project, including: choice of medium (paper, zine, or creative video), topic, thesis or argument, and which sources from the course you plan to draw on, etc. with your proposal, you will also submit an annotated bibliography with a minimum of 3 academic sources. for each annotation you will explain, in 3-4 sentences: the main argument of the piece, how it relates to your project, and why you are using it specifically. more information on the proposal will be shared in Week 2.
(please make sure answer all the questions mentioned above in the proposal)


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Paper Proposal: The Myth of Purity
Our society is quite intriguing when it comes to virginity. Virginity more often pops up in as a metric of ethics and morality. It is a contestable social construct. This paper will be exploring the extent to which the concept of virginity can be considered as a myth.
Many feminists have been asking many questions regarding the issue of virginity. Is purity a way of manipulating and controlling young girls to follow specific gender norms? Is it part of sexism? There is the commodification of sexuality in women, which denotes that sexual experience in women results in loss of value. Why do women need to negotiate for sexual purity as a yardstick for determining their morality? Surprisingly, why are men shamed for remaining as virgins? Why is it being used to hurt men and to praise women? In men, loss of virginity is an embodiment of masculinity; it is quite irrational to consider intimate experience as a rite of passage.

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