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Before the Music Dies. Social Sciences Coursework Essay (Coursework Sample)


"Before the Music Dies"
After you have watched Before the Music Dies, formulate your discussion board response by considering the following questions:
How does a musician’s appearance affect the production of music?
Since the documentary is now old, what aspects of Before the Music Dies do you see in today’s music?
How do you feel about the driving logic of radio being to sell ads as opposed to play music people want to hear?
What do you think about the business strategy to sell music in a quarterly sales calendar?
What do you find most surprising about the music industry?


Course Tittle:
Before the Music Dies
According to Andrew Shapter’s documentary, an artist’s appearance affects music production in that currently, producers are not majorly focused on the talent of the musicians but how they present themselves. The money, style, sophistication and technological adaptability of a musician will determine whether their music will be recorded or not.
Since the documentary is old, I still see some of the issues elaborated in the documentary nowadays. It is clear that young genuine talent is neglected and shun away from studios if they don’t appear to be a worthy investment to producers. Those who don’t adapt to the new musical technology and prefer to stick to the traditional music ha

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