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Video Poem Reflection: Video is Based on a Chapter in a Book (Coursework Sample)


This is an English class assignment, which requires us to work together in a group to complete a small video, but this small video is based on a chapter in a book.
The teacher asked us to write a reflection on this video and this chapter.
Write a reflection about your video poem and process of creating it. Length is at least 2 pages, double spaced (without the passage).
Note: This is an informal piece of writing – no need for a thesis or formal structure, BUT do address the points below, and do make sure that your writing is clear and grammatical. Use specific examples.
Insert the passage at the start of your reflection.
Please address the following as part of your reflection:
1. Context: Begin with some context of the full work from which the passage was taken and an overview or summary of the passage.
2. Vision: What did you want to highlight in the passage or poem? How did you interpret it? What do you feel is its “essence” in terms of key lines, images, tone, etc.?
3. Process: How did you use images / video, sound / music, and text to convey your vision? What was your decision-making process like?
4. What you learned: What did you discover about meaning or language in the passage that you didn’t see before? As part of this part of the reflection, write about a specific aspect of the passage that you couldn’t capture in a literal way through image and sound – how did you deal with this artistic challenge?
5. Reflection on the collaboration: In what ways did you contribute to the collaborative process? Is there anything you might have done to make the process better?


Student Name
Professor Name
Video Poem Reflection
Brief Introduction
This video poem, presented by Rashid Woods and Derrick Chen, has been inspired by James Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues. It begins with text stating it was the last time I saw my mother alive, followed by a black-and-white photo where a woman is sitting with a bunch of kids. She used to wear a simple, blue outfit, and sit on a chair on Sunday afternoon talking to my father and spending quality time with the whole family. However, those happy moments don’t last for long. Soon the living room would be full of relatives, friends and church folks, and the darkness spreads both inside and outside.
The Vision of this Poem
This poem highlights how people faced various problems in the early 1990s in Harlem. The images of this poem, as well as its background and text, are enough to make someone emotional. This poem delivers a great message, but silently. The tone, key lines, images are all complimented with one another beautifully.
The Process
We collected photos from a library, created sound, music, and text ourselves, and tried to convey our vision in a simple yet effective manner. We chose this poem because of its inspirational lesson – surviving in the United States especially Harlem in the 19th century was next to impossible. People were given tough times and many of them chose to hide the truth from their children.

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