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Book Report On Cadillac Desert: Discuss Points Of Interest About Water (Coursework Sample)


Book Report on Cadillac Desert : Discuss points of interest about water resources presented in the book and outline how it relate to class.
Read the first two chapters in the book, and write a summary about it, also make a connection on protecting the water resources and the marine ecology.
“Cadillac Desert” electronic version:


Cadillac Desert
Even for those that are not avid readers, the Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water, by Marc Reisner, is a book that every other person should read. It is a book that reads like a novel and details much of the reclamation efforts that have been established in the American west. It is book that details some insightful thoughts in to what on the reclamation efforts. This is a rather good read and for most of the people that are into conservation matters, it is a primary sources with quite some subtle ideas about the same and more importantly a historical background of the conservation efforts in America (Reisner).
The first chapter is tilted, A Country of Illusion and is one that get the readers attention as to what the efforts in the country were all about. It lays bare the situation that the explorers encountered on their search for habitable land (Reisner). The explorers use different phrases to describe the land end the environment in general, such as fertile prairies of even forbidding plains. Where there were no specks of vegetation that existed for miles. The first chapter is also where the readers are introduced to the expedition by John Wesley Powell. It gives a rather detailed summary of the expedition for the readers, setting the stage for the content to come. It is also in the first chapter that details about how the

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