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Outline with primary research Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Read: Foer
Read: Slant
Read Primary Research. (https://owl(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/research_and_citation/conducting_research/conducting_primary_research/index.html). As you read this, start to plan out ways to incorporate primary evidence into your essay.
Do: Outline with primary research (plans and/or results) (1.1). Follow the examples and guidelines in Slant. Please follow strict outline format.


Outline with Primary Research
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Outline with Primary Research
Challenge: Although factory farming to process meat is a necessity for humans, it can produce cheap meat in large quantities, but it has many hidden dangers and consequences that we have not considered.
Slant: meat processing entails more than we know and subjects animals to more pain and mistreatment than we understand.
Supported by the discovery of animal cruelty against animals, which the author guides the reader through as they create tension and suspension; on page 81, the author notes that the issue of animal cruelty is common among farmers, and there is a need for the tension to be eliminated. Further evidence is available on page 81.
Supported by the irresponsibility of such firms as Tyson Foods and their contribution to animal cruelty; Tyson Foods is considered among the largest global marketers and processors of beef, chicken, and pork. As such, the company creates the starting point, and it shows Tyson Foods as irresponsible as it should be more responsible in 

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