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Evaluations of a website Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


JChecking for Currency (10 points):
14. When was the last time the site was updated? Hint: This is often found in the fine print at the bottom of the page. If it’s not there, you might have a problem. Take note!
15. Are all the links on the site live, meaning they all work and lead you where they say they will? If not, what sort of problems did you have?
16. Given the last time the site was updated, what is your evaluation of its overall currency? Do you believe the site to be outdated because of the nature of the information, or is the information the sort that doesn’t have to be updated as often?
Checking for Comprehensiveness (15 points):
17. How deep is the coverage of the information? Is it just superficial, surface-level information, or does the site give less obvious connections and explanations?
18. Does the site provide information you can’t find on other websites, or if you did find it on other websites, did those websites get that information from your original site? You will have to do a search for the answer to this question. Look to see if three or four other sites all got their information from the same place. If not, then the information might be considered common knowledge, and that means it’s not as comprehensive as you would like.
19. Who is the intended audience for the site? In other words, who would be the people most likely to pull up the site for information?
Checking for Authority (10 points):
20. What qualifies the author or authors to write then information on the site? Do they have PhDs in the subject? Are they CEOs of their companies? Pretty much, just look at why these people are qualified to publish information on the subject.
21. Is the site a serious publication? Remember, sometimes people mistake a satirical site for truth and make fools of themselves by using that site as a reliable source. Look for things like an “About” page or a mission statement. What is the most important information on the page?
Final Evaluation (20 points):
22. Overall, do you think this website would be a good source for your own research? Why or why not? You may also include qualifiers (“yes, but...” or “no, but...”).Lr1III o <


General Information (5 points):
1. What is the website you have chosen? (Please give the URL here. If possible, hyperlink it.)
2. Give the MLA OR APA citation for your website. You may choose the format that suits you best for this assignment. (See LBBrief)
3. What type of website is it? (Government, Corporate/Commercial, Organization, Education, etc.)
Checking for Accuracy (15 points):
4. Are there any noticeable errors of fact on the site? How do you know?
5. Does the site contain a list of reliable references with source documentation? If so, check out at least three of the sources to make sure they exist and are indeed reliable. If not, be sure to take note of that.
6. Are there links to other sites? If so, check the reliability of at least three. What is your determination? If not, be sure to take note of that.
7. When you tried to verify the information on the site yourself, what source did you use? Were you able to verify the information?
Checking for Credibility (15 points):
8. Who are the authors, editors, or directors of the site? Hint: If you can’t find any, there may be a problem.
9. Is the site refereed or peer reviewed? If so, who is in charge of governing the material on the site? If not, how does the site prove that the information is credible? Note if the site seems to be relying on confirmation bias for proving its points. This is dangerous.
10. Do you see any major errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation? What about sentence structure? (See? This kind of stuff really does affect your credibility as a writer ©.)
Checking for Objectivity (10 points):
11. Does advertising appear on the site? If so, what kinds of ads do you see? Given what you’ve learned about analyzing advertisements, do the ads help or harm the objectivity of the site?
12. Who sponsors the site? Is it a commercial or non-profit organization? What about special interest groups?
13. Is the site linked to strongly biased sites? If so, what kind of bias do you detect?


General Information:
1 Nature
Works Cited BIBLIOGRAPHY Wolfel, R, et al. Virological Assessment of Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19. 2020. Document. .
3 Education
Checking for Accuracy
4 I think there is nothing wrong with the website because the article is discussed with so much precision.
5 A. Zhu, N. et al. A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019. N Engl J Med, (2020).
B. Gorbalenya, A. E. et al. Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus: The species and its viruses – a statement of the Coronavirus Study Group. bioRxiv, 2020.2002.2007.937862, (2020).
C. WHO. Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), (2020)
6 There are links to another site, they are all reliable because the topic is discussed thoroughly.
References BIBLIOGRAPHY Gandhi, M, D Yokoe, and D Havlir. Asym

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