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Compensation and Benefit Systems: challenges when determining compensation (Coursework Sample)

Read CH. 13 & 14 Discuss and explain the challenges when determining compensation and benefits for flexible and/or contingent employees. Include in your discussion the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting. The book “Strategic Compensation- a Human Resource Management Approach” 5th edition By. Joseph Martocchio source..
Name Instructor’s name Course Date Abstract Contingent workers are part and parcel of any company worldwide. They make part of the temporary workers, part-time workers, and interns too. Even though they work les hours and are paid les than the core workers they are vital in that they contribute to overall performance of the company in general. They are usually required mostly when the work loads increase and in the performance of training for future employment and improvement of workers skills in place of interns. Compensation and Benefit Systems Contingent workers sometimes lack commitment to the company as compared to the core workers and they pose a security risk as they have a very high turn...
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