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Compensation and Benefit Systems: Question 1 - Explain you position (Coursework Sample)

Read ch. 10,11&12 In 5th edition, Read Chapter 10, then turn to page 254, under "Discussion Questions" and answer Question 1. Explain you position. Yes only one page approximately 300 words, just answer the question pertaining to the chapter. The book “Strategic Compensation- a Human Resource Management Approach” 5th edition By. Joseph Martocchio source..
Each and every worker is entitled to a discretionary compensation from their employers in order to increase their productivity and at the same time the employers should offer them with assistance incase of a misfortune when in the line of duty. This is to state that an employer should have insured his/ her employees for this type of compensation as the employees will be entitled to this type of compensation (Martocchio, p.5).
As the human resources manager, I have to make an evaluation and decide on the most important and the least important discretionary benefits that I have to offer to the employees as a way of reducing the expenditure of the company. This is because the expenditure of the company is high while the company wants to minimize on its expenditures. Discretionary benefits include Dental services for adults, prosthetic appliances vision care for adults, Funerals and Burials costs of transporting a deceased person, purchase of items, service or payment as author...
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