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African-American Theory Analysis of Ralph Ellison's, Battle Royal (Coursework Sample)


Could you make it not so perfect, so I can a B on this paper?
I am worried about the professor will find out easily if you write it too well.
The rubrics are attached.
Basically, the professor asked us to use outside sources to support the idea of the book. (you have the option to choose which book to write).
The options for idea of the books are 
Feminist Theory & African-American theory (selection one of them)
The professor sent us two documents about how do connect to those to theories, and they are both attached at the bottom. 
and please also cite the book;D
If you have any questions regarding to the requirement of the paper, just ask, I will clarify it asap
Dont use the work /'An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"


First Name Last Name 1
Professor Sexton
8 December 2017
African-American Theory Analysis of Ralph Ellison's, “Battle Royal”
African-American theory focus on the relationship between character and himself or herself as well as others. Library analysis has proved that racial issues are crucial in understanding and appreciating literature (Tyson, 207). In a society where many races coexisting, like the United States, racism is unescapable. Americans of African descendant have start international literature that raise concerns of race. This paper discussed the African-American critical theory using Ralph Ellison's, “Royal Battle”. The good thing about Ralph Ellison's novel is its focus on the inferority of black Americans between relations to the white Americans. The black Americans exposed are to undesirable conditions of living. The novel gives the horrors of racism that is institutionalized, where black Americans were barely protected from injustices.
Ellison's, Battle Royal is centred on an African American man who is kinder invisible because of his skin colour. This is a negative image of the race displayed by white Americans (Tyson, 208). People refused recognizer the narrator in this story because he is deemed inferior. He has realize that none is concerned with existence of his. He stomachs bitterness, like manifested in an incident where he is about to kill a white man in the streets because insulting him. Evident, black Americans are abused by the white Americans. The internalized sense of racism in the narrator makes him live rent-free. Free electricity he also enjoys because nobody can see him. His underground room is lit by hundred of electric light bulbs, filling with stolen power from the electric grid in the city (Ellison, 18). His house is caught valueless because it is a part of basement that was shut and forgot in the ninenteeth century. The narrator wonders what he did to be extreme black. The black man has discovered that he can turn his inferority into an asset. He desire to own five radio-phonographs and has own only one. He combines himself with ‘marijuana' smokers that are associated with the inferior black race. As listening to Louis Armstrong's music, the narrator visilizes the atrocities of a black woman seeking for freedom. Certinly, slavery is a critical experience for the black Americans. The woman is said to have killed her white husband to deliver him from the hatred showed by his two mulatto sons. The black man strungles to establish his identity all means.
The black American race is being portrayed negatively by the w

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