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Counter this Apologia with a Counter-Argument Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Prompt from Italian Civilization Instructor:
Reply to this apologia below by presenting the counter argument of the Church at the time in order to show which values are in conflict for example it can be something like tradition versus innovation or religion versus science etc…
"In the many years of my work as a scientist, I have learnt to appreciate the works of my predecessors, because they informed a lot on what I do today. I have examined the works of Aristotle and Ptolemy and their explanation of the universe, to that of Copernicus and Kepler and his three laws. In our field as scientist we try to look at the world and nature in a different dimension, different from what one sees it naturally. Aristotle and Ptolemy saw the world in its natural view while Copernicus and Kepler saw it in a different dimension. Over the years I have tried to understand the difference between the two groups. Using all the powerful instruments at my disposal such as the telescope which I have improvised, I discovered the four moons of Jupiter, the phases of Venus, the crater on the moon and confirmed Kepler's argument that planets move in an elliptical orbit. Contrary to the popular opinion held by the church and scholars in our age, I can confirm that our planet just like any other planet goes round the sun and not vice versa. I do not intend to go contrary to the biblical account, but I believe if God was to tell Joshua that it was the earth rotating and therefore must stop, he would not understand. We have all perceived the world from our natural viewpoint, yet we can use the power of our mind to discern how it works. I do not blame Aristotle or Ptolemy for their postulates, I blame their followers who accepted their works as true yet they had no proof. There is nothing wrong with the heliocentric model; we just need to interpret the biblical text differently and not directly as we see our natural world."
Notes from me the student:
Remember an “Apologia” (a Greek term that means "speaking in defense") is a formal defense of a position or action. In modern usage, apologia describes a formal defense and should not be confused with the sense of the word 'apology' as the expression of regret.
The assignment must be in Times New Roman Font with Size 12 with 1 inch margins all around.
Thank you for your time.


Apologia Counter-Argument
We acknowledge and respect the work you have done and the milestones you have achieved in preparing this publication. However, we cannot overlook its content without reviewing it and ascertain that it does not in any way c

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