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AP US History Period 6 1865-1898 History Coursework (Coursework Sample)


(c) you must find two books or articles that relate to AP US History Period 6 1865-1898 and read them enough to verify their arguments and some of their evidence... at which point you will choose one paragraph from each that captures that argument and contrast them against each other (cite the names of the two books) (d) you must create 3 possible essay questions for your period... the essay questions should resemble the way College Board AP US History exam writes prompts. *please read the attached file carefully


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AP US History Period 6 1865-1898
The period between1865 and 1898 is considered the transition from an agricultural economy to American industrial society. The transformational led to shifts in the cultural, diplomatic, political, environmental and economic patterns. During this period, raw materials such as coal, copper, oil, timber, and iron were readily available. Moreover, the supply of labor supplemented due to the continuous arrival of immigrants. The country grew to the largest market in the world for industrial goods due to the increased population and advanced transportation networks such as railroads. As a result, the fair attracted the wealthier Europeans investors leading to economic expansion. Further, new technology in agriculture saw the transformation of land for farming through the rehousing and displacement of African and Indian Americans (Franceschini et al, 10).
The productivity further improved due to the increased labor savings technologies and efficient patent system. The government created an enabling environment through favorable policies, subsidies, property protection, Grants, protective tariffs, corporate profits, limited taxes and loans that saw infant business off the ground. During this period many companies sprout and were able to build and manage large business and industrial enterprises. The civil war catalyzed economic progress. It is this during the period the standards of living, government scrutiny, health and safety, and protection of workers rose to acceptable principles. However, the gap between the poor and the rich continued to increase. The urban areas attracted large populations from the immigrants who could not afford transport to workstations, which lead to increased concerns in sanitation, corruption, and poverty (Franceschini et al, 11).
A contrast of the article “Why the Gilded Age... and Why Now?” by Orser and “GILDED AGE.” Franceschini is embedded in the transformation of the United States from an agricultural society to an industrial. Orser, clearly illustrates how the availability of railroads, communication, immigrants spurred the development of the country. On the hand, Franceschini affirms the work of Orser by demonstrating how the people rise to fight for the "big business" influence on the land and the federal government.
The cultural values and beliefs were molded on unity among the American people especially with the struggles from the civil war. The traditional values such as artifacts and literature continually reminded the people about the adverse effects of civil war. Moreover, the philosophy behind the social Darwinism, moral gospel and gospel

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