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Comparative Essay. Dynamics of Civil War.Thematic Literature Review (Essay Sample)


April 1: Final Essay Electronic version due on, 12:00pm.
Format: Double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, standard 1-inch margins.
Please adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style. See the quick guide at this link:
You may use either Author-Date style, or Notes and Bibliography style.
Essay Instructions
This assignment requires you to read a small collection of thematically similar political science journal articles. After reading the required literature, you will ask and answer a guiding question about the collection of readings. The purpose of the guiding question is to unite the analysis of the three articles under examination. Your answer to the guiding question should serve as your thesis statement. The best thesis statements will also attempt to advance our collective knowledge of the theme under examination. I suggest printing the articles and taking notes while reading. This will facilitate your writing. When reading the articles, pay special attention to the research questions, central arguments, methods, cases, evidence, causal logic, and themes in the texts. Furthermore, ask yourself: do the authors of the articles agree or differ on key issues and disciplinary debates? Are any of the 2 articles more (or less) persuasive than the others? Keep all of this in mind when planning your essay and thinking of the types of comparisons you’ll make. Your essay should commence with an introduction that asks and answers your guiding question and provides an overview of your primary comparisons and conclusions. The most substantial part of the essay is the comparative section, where you will make most of your original observations and answer your guiding question. Conclude the essay by returning to your guiding question along with some closing remarks. Also, it’s typical in political science for articles and essays to conclude with ideas for future research, so please make some helpful suggestions based on your assessment of any persistent gaps in the literature.
*Guiding question is free to choose, please write yourself and think of a guiding question. It is related to three articles.


The Dynamics of Civil War
Human history has been characterized by the various civil wars. These civil wars were caused by different factors. Over time, the causes of civil wars, as well as the dynamics of wars, have changed. Various scholars have put more focus on the topic leading to a better understanding. It has been suggested that the post-2003 civil wars are largely different from previous wars due to various reasons. Scholars have also claimed that the political, as well as economic causes of civil wars, have historically been ignored. On the contrary, all the focus has been put on the opportunities of conflict that causes civil wars. Other scholars hold that the post-Cold War, civil wars have been caused by various religious and ethnic antagonisms. This paper seeks to compare the various stands held by different scholars regarding the causes and dynamics of civil war.

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