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How Different Would the US Look Without Hawai’i? (Essay Sample)


topic:“How Different Would the US Look Without Hawai'i?”
This essay is designed to get you to think outside the box of ‘traditional’ historical essays. It’s also designed to get you to think about the ‘legacy’ factor in history. With this in mind, you will have to look closely at the impact that your chosen acquisition had upon the United States. Allow yourselves some freedom as you explore this.
1” margins
Oswald, Arial, or Cambria font
First page heading (Name, Date Class)
Territory and question clearly stated
List of sources used at the end
Essay Itself:
The fist portion should give a short historical overview of the acquisition. How did the US acquire your chosen territory?
The second portion should be about the “legacy” and impact, basically answering your question. This should comprise the majority of your essay.


How Different Would the US Look Without Hawai’i?
The American interest in Hawaii began in the 1800s with the concern of the islands being taken over by Europe due to the increased presence of European missionaries. Through the sugar trade, America set foot in Hawaii. In 1875, a trade reciprocity treaty enhanced the link between countries with the U.S sugar plantation owners dominating the economy and politics of Hawaii CITATION Jul13 \l 1033 (Siler). Further, America set a naval base center at Pearl Harbor reinforcing a new Hawaiian constitution leading to the expansion of sugar exports to the U.S. With the 1890 McKinley tariff by America, sugar import rates were raised affecting the Hawaiian sugar planters spurring a coup and annexation CITATION Sai08 \l 1033 (Sai). The reigning queen the, Queen Liliuokalani tried to reestablish the Hawaiian monarchy but the Americans under Dole’s leadership overthrown her in 1893. In 1898, America annexed Hawaii under President William McKinley and becoming an American territory in 1900 as Dole her first governor. In 1959, Hawaii attained statehood as America’s 50th state.
Acquiring international territories after the civil war was crucial to many countries seeking to be seen as the superpower. During the 1800s, Europe’s influence over many countries was visible with an interest in acquiring Hawaii as its territory. The alarming rate of European states conquering nations awakened the American spirit. Having Hawaiian island as part of the US meant unlimited access to the Pacific CITATION Tho70 \l 1033 (Osborne).
Without Hawaii state, the US’ trade and commercial operations would be highly limited. The US would not be locked on the Hawaiian side of the Pacific Ocean. Hence,

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