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research Methods - Psychology- Is Subliminal Persuasion a Myth? (Coursework Sample)

Hi there in this assigment you have to answer and support your answer two peer reviewed sources (one in support of the question and one against) . I will copy and paste what my professor is expecting. Remember to answer the questions twice (one yes and one against) QUESTION: Is Subliminal Persuasion a Myth? Professors' expectations: First, you must post at least two messages to each discussion board. There is no upper limit to the number of times you can contribute to a discussion, and you will find that a busy discussion is a good one. Each contribution should be well written and interesting to read, with evidence of originality and considerable reflection. It should also demonstrate that you have read the relevant course materials. For each of the critical thinking discussion questions, there will be two critical parts. For your initial response, you will be asked to present a comprehensive and succinct argument for and against the issue at hand. Therefore, you will not be choosing sides for each issue in your initial response. Instead, you will be utilizing your critical thinking skills to provide a YES argument as well as a NO argument for each question. In order to do this properly, you will have to cite two peer reviewed sources (one in support of the question and one against) to substantiate the arguments that you make. Failure to examine the issue from both sides will result in an automatic 5 point penalty. For your second response, you will simply be responding to another student's post and providing a quality response that builds on what the student has offered in his/her response as well as introduce new ideas based on your own research. In order to provide a quality response that is validated by existing research, you must do the appropriate preparation, such as finding and reading relevant research studies before you join the discussion. Keep your comments fairly brief, but not too brief. Your initial response will be your longer and more comprehensive response that will contain a YES as well as a NO argument, supported by existing research. Plan on spending a full paragraph for each side of the argument as well as a concluding paragraph summarizing the issue. Your second response should be 1-2 paragraphs in length. Remember, however, that it is the quality of your response that matters the most! Check your messages before you send them. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar, and be sure your message makes the points you want to make in a clear and concise way. Remember, other students and instructors can read your messages. Grammatical and spelling errors will result in point loss. Help move the discussion along. When contributing to a discussion, read other people\'s comments first. Introduce new ideas, but also build on what others have said (\"Piggy-back\" on other people\'s ideas). Keep up with the discussion throughout the course. After you have made your contribution on a topic, check back a few times to find out how the discussion is evolving. Does someone\'s comment make you think twice about your view? Each weekly discussion board will be worth a total of 10 points and will be based on the quality of your responses both in content (your ability to reflect critically on the discussion topic) and technically (grammar, spelling) source..
Subliminal Persuasion Name: Institution: Date: Subliminal Persuasion Is subliminal persuasion scientific or a myth? Since the end of the 19th century, scientists have been studying subliminal persuasion and perception. This is in efforts to help understand the phenomenon. Subliminal persuasion is the attempt to change an individual’s behavior by sending messages below their level of consciousness (Egermann, Kopiez, & Reuter, 2006). There have been discussions whether, this phenomenon is a myth or it is scientific. Here in is the discussion that examines the question from both sides. Subliminal persuasion is a scientific phenomenon. In the early 20th century, scientists carried out experiment in film theatres; they flashed images of buttered pop corn with the message eat pop corn and drink coke. This resulted into increased sales of coke by twenty per cent and pop corn by sixty per cent (Egermann, Kopiez, & Reuter, 2006). This was an indication that subliminal persuasion is not a myth but a phenomenon that w...
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