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Alcoholics Anon experiece report (Coursework Sample)

see attachment. Marriage and family therapy student perspective source..
Alcoholism Anonymous Report Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Introduction The essence of marriage and family therapy as well as counseling is to understand the problems and come up with solutions to solve them. The entire process is meaningful since it involves a combined approach that harnesses solutions through a collective bargain; holding conversations among the persons involved or interested parties, so as to come up with these solutions. There are special groups that are particularly helpful in the development and education of the counseling skills; these include alcoholics and overeaters. Personally, an experience with the alcoholics, in a group called alcoholic anonymous was very informative. It is important to have a look at how the group is beneficial. Objective This is a one-month report on experiences with the Alcoholic Anonymous group. About Group Alcoholics Anonymous are an open group whose aim is to assist all the alcoholics and those who intend to stop drinking. The group usually has meetings on a weekly basis, where members meet and share their experiences concerning their individual alcohol problems. Its main aim is to pass essentially the assurance to any person suffering from alcoholism, that they can fully recover and live alcohol-free lives. The physical meetings are usually organized as well, with meetings having an average of between thirty to fifty members. The group also has an online platform, and hence members meet through the online portal. This is important since it ensures that there is increased anonymity of the members, which gives them the further confidence of sharing without victimization. The group believes that through this continuous sharing of experiences, members will once again be able to integrate back into society and live happy lives. It is also an avenue for spiritual reawakening. Membership The group, as earlier mentioned, is open. This means that anyone is free to join; it has no signup or membership fees like many other groups. The only requirement, if it can be c...
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