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One concentric circle Religion & Theology Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Invest 2 hours into one of the 7 concentric circles (your choice of one circle). (1) self, (2) family, (3) relatives, (4) friends, (5) neighbors and associates, (6) acquaintances, and (7) persons “X,” or strangers in distant places or who have no personal relationship with oneself.
type a 2 pages response -- include:
1. which circle you focused on
2. why you chose that circle
3. what you did for the two hours
4. what your response was to these two hours
5. what, if any, response was from others affected by your two-hour project


Running head: THE SELF CIRCLE1
The Self Circle: A Reflection
Student Name
College/University Affiliation


The Self Circle: A Reflection
Of all seven concentric circles, I choose self. There are, in fact, as many personal and public reasons why I choose self. Personally, understanding one's self is as fundamental as coming into being. That is, whilst coming into being – say by birth, professionally and/or intellectually – is a fundamental, initial step whereby someone comes to be identified as so and so, understanding such self now having an actual being is just as fundamental. By establishing a stable understanding of one's self, put differently, one is apt understand where and how such self fits in with all six remaining circles or state of beings. Moreover, a proper understanding of one's self, particularly during periods of rapid change and fluidity, is critical to maintain a proper balance and establish a personal identity unique enough and differentiated enough so as not to be clouded by any external influences or, as current state of global and instant online communication is, a susceptibility to herd followership. Publicly, a self, well understood and developed, is apt to communicate a unique and more balanced view of self, objects and world in ways not necessarily expressed in a mainstream gone increasingly manufactured and projected.

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