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Norse Myth & Religion - World View History Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


In this Discussion, which follows the October 13 lecture pretty closely, the goal is to use the assigned reading of the last two weeks to construct an anthropology of Norse religion. The class spent two weeks reading a lot about Norse gods and heroes. The goal here is to discuss Norse religion as religion.
Students quickly noticed that the sources we rely on all postdate the conversion to Christianity which means they view the Norse religion(s) through Christian glasses. This is, however, true of many religious texts, including the scriptures of most religions so don't get discouraged.
There will be a thread for each point of World View. Students must make an initial post to two different points by October 20 and then comment on other students' posts during the following week. The Discussion closes October 27.
Not all points of World View are equally applicable, but spread out your posts. If posts cluster on too few points the Discussion will be revised.
This topic requires a bit more thought than previous Discussions so more points are being awarded. The best way to grab points is to clearly cite your source - state your opinion AND the assigned reading you are basing it on.


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Norse Religion
Religion is an essential aspect that transcends human beings' lives, dating back to the earliest forms of civilization, and varies depending on people's beliefs and cultures. Norse religion mainly consists of religious beliefs of pre-Christian Scandanavia during the period of the Vikings. Over time, the religion has continuously diminished to the extent of Christianity, gripping most of its aspects.
Old Norse Paganism was much more of a lifestyle than a religion as the people included it into their usual traditions and rituals. Norse religion dictates that among the Vikings activities involved in included raids, which brought them into constant contact with the Christian world. It is only right to assume that the pressure to trade with the Christians necessitated them to undergo a short-term christening.
Every religion has its own unique beliefs and practices, and the Germanic religion is no exception. The mythology is polytheistic, wit

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