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Mathematics: Money In Motion Exhibit (Coursework Sample)


1. Visit the “Money in Motion Exhibit” page of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and read what it is all about. Then, answer: which U.S. nation’s financial history mentioned in this page (copied below) would draw you to visit the permanent Exhibit of the Philadelphia Fed? Explain why.

  • Trace the changes in our national currency from the early 1600s to today. View money from the original 13 colonies. Examine a rare $100,000 bill.
  • Test your skill at operating a bank by correctly answering questions that advance you from trainee to investment manager.
  • Learn the Fed’s role in maintaining national financial stability, especially in the days following 9-11-01. Explore in depth our country's monetary policy over the past five decades.
  • Listen to a futuristic teller describe the payment system.
  • In addition, marvel at a 25-foot tower of shredded bills totaling $100 million. Examine a currency cart representing $1,350,000 in $5 bills.
  • Test your skill at detecting counterfeits and learn about the new security features on the latest currency. Match wits with Benjamin Franklin and test your knowledge of money.

2. More about the “Money in Motion Exhibit”... click through 1 to 17 and read each of the stations carefully in the Exhibit. Then, select three of the most fascinating stations to you and provide your thoughts on each one of three you have selected.


Mathematics Coursework
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Which U.S. nation's financial history is mentioned in Money in Motion and how would it draw you to visit the exhibit?
Money in Motion allowed us to explore Philadelphia Federal Reserve's technology and interactive displays. It paid tribute to the history of banking, money and Federal Reserve, and underscored Philadelphia's role as the birthplace of our nation's first bank. Its six displays featured unique games and historical artifacts. The exhibition could be enjoyed on multiple levels, and it is capable of transforming sophisticated ideas like monetary policy into games that are not intimidating but intriguing. One of the most distinctive features of this exhi

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