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Tommie Woodard (Coursework Sample)


In this assignment, you will continue to collect data for another 5–10 days. Write a paper (1–3 pages) including all of the following content:
Recalculate the mean, standard deviation, and variance.
Is your mean increasing or decreasing?
Explain the effects of the larger sample size in relation to your data.
Do you think the current sample you have is enough to draw an accurate conclusion, or do you need a larger sample? 
What conclusions can you draw from comparing both sets of data?


Tommie Woodard
Trident University
Introduction to Probability
Recalculated mean, standard deviation, and variance42, 33, 58, 42, 24, 35, 40, 70, 55, 47, 55, 48, 36, 45, 42
-2.87.84233-11.8139.2435813.2174.24442-2.87.84524-20.8432.64635-9.896.04740-4.823.0487025.2635.0495510.2104.0410472.24.84115510.2104.0412483.210.241336-8.877.4414450.20.041542-2.87.84Total672 1824.4Mean44.8Population- variance ( 1824.4/15)121.63Population -standard deviation 11.03Sample- variance(1824.4)/14130.31Sample standard deviation11.42
Mean variance and standard deviation for the 5 observations alone
Mean45.2Population- variance ( 198.8/5)39.76Population -standard deviation 6.31Sample- variance(198.8)/449.7Sample standard deviation7.05
Mean is increasing
The mean only increased marginally from 44.6 minutes to 44.8 minutes, when 5 other observations were added to the original 10 observations. This shows that the time spent talking on the phone is likely to be higher. Additionally, for the 5 subsequent observations, the mean is 45.2, supporting the observation that on average time spent talking on the phone in a day is likely to be 40 to 50 minutes. There is an assumption that this represents better precision and more certainty related to the collected data. The mean is a god me...
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