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Effects Of Market Conditions In The UK Economy To Employee Performance (Coursework Sample)


Create a plan and structure for the following essay covering part A and part B ( 250 to 300 words)
A) Assess how employee performance is affected by the growth of the gig economy, zero hours contracts and the lack of wage growth in the UK economy.
B) Discuss methods that businesses could use to overcome these issues ( mentioned in part A) and how these methods could help improve employee performance


Effects of Different Market Conditions in the UK Economy to Employee Performance
Your Name
Your Institution of Affiliation
March 21, 2018
* Introduction
Current State of the UK Employment Market
Quantity and quality of Available jobs
Average wage
Discuss the average wage per sector/ per class/ per working category
Position as compared to other countries
The average wage and possibilities of increase in stable employment of the country as compared to its neighbors
Definition of terms
Employee performance
Include metrics to determine performance (i.e. NPS, Attendance, Customer Satisfaction, Turnover rate, etc.)
Gig economy
Market conditions where freelance work and other short-term jobs are more prevalent as compared to stable ones.
Zero-hour contracts
Characterized with a very flexible agreement between emp

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