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Women In The Economy: Neoclassical Model Of The Household -PPF (Coursework Sample)


Given the neoclassical model of the household, calculate your household's PPF, opportunity costs and comparative advantages with your (potential) partner. Use hourly wage rates from the CANSIM table: 282-0151 for your current or future occupation (that you foresee or would like to have once you graduate). If you are currently single, for your partner's wage rate, select the occupation of your ideal partner and the corresponding wage rate (e.g.: if you dream of marrying a fire-fighter, use the wages for that occupation; if you are in a non-monogamous relationship, use that of the partner with whom you spend most of your time with). Use 2018 hourly wage rates. Assume 8h days.
Each entry is suggested to be around 250-500 words. Some entries are just mathematical calculations for which the
word count does not apply. However, for grading purposes, I will not be focusing on the length of the entry, but
on clarity and the quality of your analysis particularly in regards to its relevance to the class.


Assignment: Women in the Economy
Neoclassical model of the household -PPF, Opportunity costs and Comparative advantages
PPF with your (potential) partner
The basic Production Possibility Frontier (PPF) focuses on the trade-offs between two goods in an economy, and when applied to the household it is the trade-offs when there are changes in wage rate. The hourly wage for the professional occupations in law and social, community and government services is $ 36.87, while my partner

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