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Compensation Legislation: Employment Laws That Impact Compensation (Essay Sample)


Assume that, as the compensation professional, you are to present to managers three employment laws that impact compensation. Explain the laws and identify how they impact compensation and the work environment.
For this assignment you will develop a 3-5 page, APA-formatted paper. As the compensation professional you will be writing the report for the owners of a new organization. In your presentation cover the following:
Discuss the role of benefits in an organization.
Discuss the principle required benefits an organization must provide to its organization.
Discuss two additional benefits the organization may consider providing its employees (these are not required by law) and how these benefits would positively impact the organization.


Critique of Compensation Legislation Paper
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Critique of Compensation Legislation Paper
The government has a mandate to provide basic facilities to the public. Besides focusing on building infrastructure and amenities, it is critical for the government to provide employment to its citizens. Whether employees work for the state or in the private sector, there is a need to ensure fairness for parties, employers and employees. There are compensation laws guiding the process, and companies are required to adhere to them as they source for labor and expertise to fulfill their mission. According to Leed (2014), there are critical skills that leaders should possess for the success of every organization, including the ability to create and implement change where the leaders have the responsibility to inspire, innovate, develop others, and challenge the status quo with a long-term view. There are federal laws guiding employment and compensation in any organization. How employees earn and benefit from their employers is largely guided by the state to reduce issues of unfairness in the job market.
Employment Laws That Impact Compensation
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) dictates how big and small business giving wages and they set a minimum wage to guide everyone It has been at the rate of $7.25 per hour asides for the few states that have changed the figure for a higher minimum wage (United States Department of Labor, n.d). The laws as well gives terms and conditions for overtime pay which is usually 150% of the normal pay. The laws also adddress concerns over equal pay, ensuring both men and women receive equal amounts of money for same amount of work done by either gender. It guides on age limits and helps companies eliminate cases of child labor. It also guides on recordkeeping requirement to be observed by all employers (Unied States Department of Labor, n.d). The Equal Pay Act of 1963 provide that employers can pay using different scales for expertise and performance, but not on grounds of gender in cases where the work done by either of the gender is similar (U.S. Equality Emplyment pprtunty Cmmision, n.d). For a long time women have been discriminated and their fight for equality in the job market has resulted in such laws punishable if not adhered to. Lastly, the Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1968 gives special attention to wage garnishments.
The Roles of Benefits in an Organization
Benefits can cost the organization, but their impact are invaluable. Organizations also end up cutting on their recruitment, training, and succe

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