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MGO: Amazon's Acquisition Of Whole Foods (Coursework Sample)


Identify a recent acquisition and clip the article from the source (WSJ or magazine or any internet source) EXCEPT for Facebook-Whatsapp deal
Write a brief paragraph (or bullet points) stating the facts:
Who acquires whom & % acquisition; deal amount; mode of financing (debt, equity, stocks, cash)
What did the management of both firms say on the deal (pre and post-acquisition)
Was the deal a hostile bid; were there any competing bids.
Optional: Support the fact with stock market price graph of the two firms (3-5 months prior to the deal announcement) – stock prices are available on many finance websites (Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Bloomberg etc.)
Write a brief paragraph (or bullet points) on your judgment of the acquisition deal.
Was this a good acquisition for the acquirer? Why? (synergy, resource complementarity, related / unrelated business)
Support your views using the reasons for the acquisition.
Do you see any problems in the acquisition (support your view with the factors hindering acquisition success)?


Amazon Buys Whole Foods
Various mergers and acquisitions occurred in 2017, and the trend continues even early in the current year. One of the most talked about acquisition finalized August last year was between the e-commerce giant, Amazon and the grocery chain, Whole Foods. Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods took the world by surprise, and the deal is attracting a lot of attention, both positive and negative, from the business community and regulators. Amazon acquired the grocery chain at $42 per share in a transaction amounting to $13.7 billion. The total cash transaction was inclusive of all the Whole Foods debt. Both

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