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In Favor of keeping the school Native American Mascot (Coursework Sample)

This is what the my teacher wants: you are charged with presenting arguments that will sway the school board to your position. You will present your argument before the school board at an open public meeting. Come prepared with a one-page typed paper of the types of arguments that fit the "Student role" Your arguments can have some opinion but should come from resources you've consulted. All of the sources should be academic sources source..

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(4th, April 2011)
In Favor of keeping the school Native American Mascot
The essay is an argument in favor of keeping the school native mascot. It is evident that a good number of American schools (approximately 3000) had names as well as names that were native in their sports programs (Spindel, 2009). However, almost a third of them in the recent past have done away with it and adopted new images and names. While according to Harjo (Na) he noted that almost 1000 schools had already put aside Native-related tea images and monikers since 1970 hence entering the modern era.
It is import to first consider the long-term attachment that fans have had with such names in sport. Asking them to give up such an identity may translate to loss of attention and interest to a changed name. The argument brought forth by the majority of supporters is that the whole idea ultimately gives an honor to the native for their bravery and leadership (Spindel, 2009). An example is what Redskins depicts, greatness and strength of a grand people. In my view, all the efforts being brought forth against native America mascot is nothing but an act of political correctness.
Additionally, the time as well as financial resources used in developing new names and symbols could be better still used to support other vital initiatives. For instance, it could be used to foster education for the needy or just improve the sport but not by changing the name (Mitten, 2008). On the same note, the use of Native American mascot helps transmit culture, values and beliefs of Native American to their coming generation as well as to American who are interested in history (Spindel, 2009). However, according to Racismagainstindians, (2003) there is increased oppression in places which have mascots. In my own opinion, the use of Native American mascot if used in an acceptable manner aimed at encouraging understanding as well as positive portrayal of Native American culture should be encouraged and not dismissed and ...
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