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Your Business (Mobile Spa): Strategy and Positioning (Coursework Sample)


Describe how your marketing efforts and marketing mix will change with each phase in the product life cycle
Explain how the packaging you will use for your product or service will add value.
I've attached the mobile spa paper please continue using the same infomation to exspand. Feel free to be as creative as you like.


Mobile Spa: Strategy and Positioning
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Mobile Spa: Strategy and Positioning
The traits of each product life cycle stage are different, hence demanding distinct marketing tactics. The phases that a product/service undergoes include the development, introduction, growth, maturity, and decline stages (Niemann, Tichkiewitch, & Westkämper, 2009). The various life phases of the Mobile Spa services will also necessitate the use of different market mixes to ensure their success and retain the competitive edge.
Development Stage
The phase is where the Mobile Spa will be generating and modeling its services for the target market. The stage will concentrate on planning the marketing approaches that will be utilized to launch the services. The research team will be tasked with the role of identifying some of the new marketing techniques that apply to the type of services the Mobile Spa plans to offer. The marketing mix will hence entail market research for strategies and design the marketing methods.
Introduction Stage
The phase refers to the entry of the Mobile Spa services into the market, and this is a crucial step. As discussed by Kahn (2011), the first perception will significantly affect the future success of a service or product. The customer at this point is not aware of the services, hence the creation of a brand awareness is crucial. The marketing mix will include developing the brand and protecting it through trademarks and patents. The pricing will also be critical at this stage with the need to set it a bit lower than existing competitors to acquire some market share. Also, advertising and sales promotions will be included to make the services known to the potential customer. The distribution of the services will be selective focusing on the previously identified easy-to-penetrate markets up to a point where consumers begin to accept them.
Growth Stage
At this phase, most of the target customers have the information concerning the Mobile Spa services and sales are increasing. Also, more rivals get into the market offering similar services. The marketing tactics at this point will focus on differentiating the Mobile Spa’s brand from those of competitors. The marketing mix will include adding features to the services while maintaining their quality that will attract clients. Secondly, promotional activities such as advertising and sale promotions concentrating on the benefits and quality of the Mobile Spa serv...
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