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Marketing Coursework Module 4 - SLP Reverse Logistics (Coursework Sample)


Module 4 - SLP
This SLP continues your analysis of the organization you nominated in SLP1.
You may find it convenient to review the thumbnail descriptions of the various logistical functions, found in SLP1.
For this SLP, please address the organization's involvement in reverse logistics. The nature of reverse logistics depends upon the organization. Not all of the following topics may be relevant; please address those that are.
How the organization handles customer returns, to include return policy.
Organizational participation in recycling and repurposing efforts
Organizational responsibility for after-end-user disposal and pollution
Organizational involvement in customer efforts to increase efficiency and decrease waste
Submit the assignment for grading by the end of this Module.


Reverse Logistics
Reverse Logistics
While the company may offer the best products in the business, it is also important to note that, there is always going to be customers that are not satisfied with the products and those that want to genuinely return products they have purchased. In a study that was conducted in the year 2011 by the US National Retail Federation, an estimated $46 billion worth of merchandise is returned during the Christmas period (Ahmed, 2013). This is estimated at 9.9% of all the purchases that are made (Ahmed, 2013). It is important for the company to also take part in recycling efforts as part of maintaining sustainable processes (Smith, 2017).
In reference to the reverse logistics, returning products can be difficult. However, it is crucial that customers are not frustrated every time they want to return a product to the stores ("Returns Handling and Management - James and James Fulfilment", 2017).Customers returning products to the store can be taken to be a negative element, however, this is a platform for the company to adjust and even redefine its customer services. This is a platform that company can use to show that it understands that everything is not about the sales made. It shows that the company understands and respects the relationship that it has with the customers (Stock, Speh & Shear, 2006). This presents a chance to win back customers that are not loyal to the store and entrench the relationship roots with the loyal customers. It turns the negative experiences with the company positive ("Returns Handling and Management - James and James Fulfilment", 2017).
The company should make the experience a positive one, by t

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