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Marketing Coursework Module 4 - Case Reverse Logistics (Coursework Sample)


Module 4 - Case
Case Assignment
We return to the hypothetical grocery delivery business described in Case 1.
If you buy a defective computer, then it's a given that you're going to take it back to where you bought it, either to be repaired, replaced, or returned in exchange for a refund. If you buy a net of onions that has some moldy ones in it, then it's a given that you'll simply throw them away. Taking them back to the store isn't worth the trouble.
In the case of MyShoppingCart, the situation is a bit more complex. Your customers are paying a high premium for fast, 24/7 delivery of groceries. If a Silicon Valley matron gets a corked bottle of pinot grigio, or a tin of pate de foie gras with an unwholesome aroma, then she expects your company to come get it, and credit her account.
This is an example of reverse logistics, which your readings describe as “a supply chain opportunity.” But you're having difficulty finding any opportunities in the smelly bags of spoiled groceries that turn up at your warehouse from time to time. This problem is a lemon. Your challenge – to make lemonade!
Carefully examine the situation, and discern any opportunities to profit from the returns, or at least earn enough money to offset the losses. Here are some clues. You bought the products from somebody, right? Maybe they're good for it. Also: information about product quality is valuable, at least in principle. How could you monetize that value? Who would be interested in seeing that information, and what could you gain by providing it to them?


Case Reverse Logistics
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Case Reverse Logistics
The business environment is in a dynamic change where all organizations are trying to identify the gaps that they can maximize so as to obtain highest profit returns. Reverse logistics is one of the gaps that is receiving the highest priority in companies that are striving to reduce costs, improve customer experience and add efficiencies to its operations. Through reverse logistics, organizations are "uncovering the hidden value of returned products" by the customers (Sensing, 2011). However, the reverse logistics has become a complex process especially in the high-tech sector where products are customized to meet customer preferences. Although, this process if well managed can be beneficial to organizations, it has some challenges such as determining whether the product was really in the store, whether to repair, restock, repackage, recycle or dispose in any other way possible or whether the product belongs in the process. Despite these challenges, effective management of the reverse supply chain process has become crucial in the overall performance of organizations.
Reverse logistics is a new concept in business operations thus most firms dedicate their resources in forward logistics and overlook on reverse operations and its value (Bernon, Rossi, & Cullen, 2010). Forward operations and reverse logistics are distinct. The reverse logistics are more complex due to the various measures such as the use of specialized equipment, repackaging, vague pricing and undetermined product life cycle Vaidyanathan & Yadong, 2007; Pokharel & Mutha, 2009).
The increasing rate of reverse logistics is due to dynamic changes in customer behavior which has resulted in products with shorter life cycles. Besides the return of defective products, return policies are shaping

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