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Maintaining Long-Term Professional Relationships (Coursework Sample)


One of the most important aspects of negotiating with someone or a business that you have a long-term and on-going relationship with is maintaining that relationship post-negotiation. Consider the following negotiation: You are the project manager for a manufacturing company. You have a long-term relationship with a supplier that provides your company with computer chips for your product. There have never been any previous issues, and you and the supplier have had a great relationship. However, with the last shipment, there were defects in 25% of the chips. You need to discuss this issue with the supplier and determine the best solution. Your main concern is not ruining the relationship, but the defects are costly for your organization. Based on this scenario, brainstorm your answers for the following areas: 1.) Goals 2.) Trades 3.) Alternatives 4.) Relationship 5.) Expected outcome 6.) Consequences of winning or losing 7.) Power 8.) Possible solutions After completing the eight areas, prepare a letter to the supplier’s president. Consider the elements above in the letter. Your letter should contain the following: 1.) Current issue 2.) Your suggestion for solving this issue 3.) The outcome you would like to see 4.) Time frame 5.) Suggest your alternatives and solutions Your answers to the eight elements can be written in a numbered list; however, your letter should be written in complete sentences and appropriate business letter format. The letter should be 1-2 pages in length and should be structured formally following APA Style


Maintaining Long-Term Professional Relationships
Date of Submission:
Letter to the Supplier
The purpose for writing this letter is to bring to your attention the recent instance where your company delivered chips to our company. The last delivery had 25 percent of the chips being defective. Our management received the news with utmost concern, especially given the fact that the company has maintained a very positive relationship with your firm for the last few years. The recent incident resulted in a significant business inconvenience on our part and the management has a firm feeling that due compensation should be made to cover for the resultant loss in revenue and other associated costs of seeking a replacement for the defective components.
The management remains aware ...
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