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SK Telecom Goes Egalitarian (Case Study Sample)

Chapter 7 and pp 292-293, McShane, S., Olekalns, M., & Travaglione, T. 2009. Organisational Behaviour on the Pacific Rim, 3rd Edition. Sydney: McGraw-Hill Discussion Questions 1. SK Telecom is attempting to distant itself from which South Korean cultural value? What indicators of this value are identified in this case study? What other artefacts of this cultural value would you notice while visiting a South Korean company that upheld this national culture? 2. In your opinion, why is this hierarchical value so strong in South Korea? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this value in societies? 3. Do you think SK Telecom will be successful in integrating a more egalitarian culture, even though it contrasts with South Korea's culture? What are some of the issues that may complicate or support this transition? source..
ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Student`s Name Lecture`s Name Name of Institution 1 SK Telecom is trying to do away with South Korean strong hierarchical custom where the junior employees are voiceless and are not allowed to give any opinion but to only do as their seniors order and never to question their decision. In this case study, incidences of this nature are portrayed in; * Samsung company where the junior employees are not even allowed to start a talk with anyone ranked higher than their boss * The authorities like Hur whose decision is not to be questioned by his juniors` right or wrong. In most South Korean companies that practice this form of national culture, one is likely to notice the following artifacts; Poor development of the company since ideas are only gotten from a specific group of individuals 2 Hierarchical worth is very strong in South Korea because the South Korean inhabitants value and believe so much in it, they believe this`s the way an institution should be run .This has its disadvantages like; * Not allowing a society to explore in getting ideas hence limiting its growth * Contributes to discrimination in a society where only the authorities have voices and non authorities voiceless * This shows selfishness in a society where leaders use their ranks to satisfy only their needs. It also has its advantages like making a society stick to its customs thereby enriching its culture. 3 SK Telecom will succeed in initiating more free custom because this will give it a chance to view its company issues from a wider source by getting different opinions from different angles .It is more advantageous to the company since this has helped before when Hur was advised by a junior employee and actually realized the idea was the best. There are issues though that might complicate this like; * It might take...
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