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Strategic human resource management (Case Study Sample)

hi i am looking for professinal in HRM to make case study ( multi questions) inclode two section.the first section case study,read the paragraph and make summary very short about 50 words and make 5 questions about the case study ( easy question). the second section please make questionnaire 8 question with 4 mutible answer about youtube video show ( corporation birth). please write the answer of all the question,and please don't forget the questions is easy ( not too easy) in order the answer not more than 40 words. this case study has two aspects the first is the paragraph about Deloitte and the require is make short summary a + make 5 questions about it ( easy but not too much) and please write the answer,because I will send the 5q that are requirement to my collage and I keep the answer. The second aspect is the YouTube abut corporation birth and the needed is watch the YouTube and make 8 questions and each question has 4 multiple answe ( easy questions). please I need it ASAP 17 hours source..

Strategic human resource management
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Strategic human resource management
In any organizational setting, human resource management will always affect strategic planning. For this cause, effective strategic human resource management is dependent on the relationship that exists between the human resource management and the goals set by the specific institution. One of the distinguishing factors between good organizations and great organizations is the level to which the human resource management interacts with the management to ensure that the company is moving towards achieving its mission, vision, and goals. Deloitte is the organization at the center of analysis in the course of this paper. The company`s performance is one of important elements of analysis in this paper. The company has invested in ensuring that the various activities taking place in the human resource management are in line with the efficient achievement of the company`s goal. Cultural diversification will play a very important role with regards to the achievement of this goal. The CEO has attached a lot of resources on cultural diversification because he believes that this is an important tactic in the retention of talent within the organization. This is to involve all the departments in the company. It will be carried out through a concentration on the leadership, policy procedures, as well as firm-wide engagement.
Questions on the case:
1 What are the current standards with regards to human resource management and policy formulation at Deloitte?
This question will seek to define the nature of the standards and analyze them with regards to whether they are effective or not. This question will also introduce the various parties that affected by the company`s human resource management as well as assessing the impact of the company`s HRM on the market.
2 What is the nature and impact of cultural diversification at Deloitte?
This question will seek to identify whether there is cultural diversity in the company and what its impact is. The manner in which the employees, man...
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