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Starbucks brand uniqueness (Case Study Sample)

International Student. Only need B level paper. 1. 12-point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins. 2. 8 ½ x 11 paper, portrait orientation 3. Single space paragraph, double-space between paragraphs 4. Do not include extra white space just to "fill the page". It is better to have 1/2 page properly formatted than a full page with extra spacing. Do not leave large spaces between sections. 5.Any item with more than 3 words quoted from another source must be in quotes and referenced properly. Copying material greater than 30 words is not permitted, even with a citation. 6. Use tables to display data or small amounts of information in categories. Never split cells. A split cell is a table with a row that has part of its contents on one page and part on another. 7. Use headings and subheadings to organize information. No "lone headings", i.e., a heading on one page with its contents on the next. Move the heading to the next page. 8. Use bullet points and short, focused paragraphs instead of lengthy discussions. No "split bullets", which means a bullet list that starts on one page and continues on the next. 9. Be objective, not conversational. Avoid use of the word “I” and do not use contractions. source..
Name Course number Instructor’s name Date Starbucks Starbucks brand uniqueness was for many informed by the romance and theater experience that the customers had with the barrista as they watched the preparation of their drinks with the La Marzocca machine. Financial challenges saw Starbucks shift its strategy into maximizing profit at the expense of the customer experience which had been the core reason why many had preferred Starbucks over other coffee stores. The top-level management realized that this strategic shift had compromised the customer experience that had now changed. The chain changed from being a second home to an ordinary neighborhood store. Starbucks had lost its uniqueness. This means that customers were no longer attracted to the store in the earlier way as it presented nothing uniquely attractive. Every company requires having a unique brand that informs its customer’s niche. This is because there are different companies in the coffee industry competing with for the target market (Whalley, 2010). Starbucks had established its niche through the personalized preparation of drinks. Starbucks international has a commitment to enhancing the customer experience and intimate culture all over the world. This way, it can maintain a good customer base (Whalley, 2010). Starbucks has over time made other decisions for increased profitability. One of them is in forging partnerships with other strong brands such as PepsiCo and Host Marriot and Aramark for the original cold served Frappuccino. Partnerships are strategic ways of reaching a higher customer base in other markets outside the Starbucks stores. They present opportunities for growth and customer loyalty expansion. Additionally, Starbuck has made partnerships with other non- coffee businesses such as music companies, books, ice cream and others in the general lifestyle sectors. These partnerships are further away from the direct mission of being the most sought after purveyor of quality coffee products in the world. This has been as way of increasing diversity in its products listings that requires to be managed carefully so as not to overshadow the core mission of a people’s business serving coffee where the primary focus is on the people. Starbuck’s central concern it’s the people involved in the business whether employees or customers. The company ins...
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