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Hilton Case (Case Study Sample)

International Student. Only need B level paper. 1. 12-point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins. 2. 8 ½ x 11 paper, portrait orientation 3. Single space paragraph, double-space between paragraphs 4. Do not include extra white space just to "fill the page". It is better to have 1/2 page properly formatted than a full page with extra spacing. Do not leave large spaces between sections. 5.Any item with more than 3 words quoted from another source must be in quotes and referenced properly. Copying material greater than 30 words is not permitted, even with a citation. 6. Use tables to display data or small amounts of information in categories. Never split cells. A split cell is a table with a row that has part of its contents on one page and part on another. 7. Use headings and subheadings to organize information. No "lone headings", i.e., a heading on one page with its contents on the next. Move the heading to the next page. 8. Use bullet points and short, focused paragraphs instead of lengthy discussions. No "split bullets", which means a bullet list that starts on one page and continues on the next. 9. Be objective, not conversational. Avoid use of the word “I” and do not use contractions. source..
Hilton case study Name of student Course Instructor Institution Date due Hilton case study In a gathering to celebrate success of Hiller Hotels, Peter Green wonders if he should really celebrate, following an earlier discussion of possibly selling The Westward Hilton. This was a hotel he had managed and nurtured so well that he had grown attached to it. The Westward Hilton had been bought when its owners were making loses for five straight years and were running into bankruptcy. This case study describes how Peter Green was brought in to manage the hotel, and his previous experiences in the industry and how he made strategic management decisions that changed the way the hotel operated and differently from many other hotels. After working through the ranks in the hotel industry, becoming a general manager and several years of doing project management, Green wanted a job that would allow him time with his family and a place to put his philosophy into practice (Miranda, 2004). The Westward Hilton had been built in 1992 in phoenix and was a 13 story full service hotel with 300 guest rooms and conference rooms. When it was sold, it needed major renovations to boost its image and improve service delivery. When Green arrived at westward Hilton, he was determined to bring change to all aspects of running the hotel. He had observed that the previous management used a command- control style and had a borrowed belief system. He wanted a system where the owners, customers and employees were involved in making the hotel better. The owners provided the capital investments neede...
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