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Carnival Vruise Lines (Case Study Sample)

nternational Student. Only need B level paper. 1. 12-point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins. 2. 8 ½ x 11 paper, portrait orientation 3. Single space paragraph, double-space between paragraphs 4. Do not include extra white space just to "fill the page". It is better to have 1/2 page properly formatted than a full page with extra spacing. Do not leave large spaces between sections. 5.Any item with more than 3 words quoted from another source must be in quotes and referenced properly. Copying material greater than 30 words is not permitted, even with a citation. 6. Use tables to display data or small amounts of information in categories. Never split cells. A split cell is a table with a row that has part of its contents on one page and part on another. 7. Use headings and subheadings to organize information. No "lone headings", i.e., a heading on one page with its contents on the next. Move the heading to the next page. 8. Use bullet points and short, focused paragraphs instead of lengthy discussions. No "split bullets", which means a bullet list that starts on one page and continues on the next. 9. Be objective, not conversational. Avoid use of the word “I” and do not use contractions. source..
Carnival Cruise Lines Name: Institution: Date: CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES Introduction The carnival cruise line is an independent company that was founded in the year nineteen seventy- two, and currently among the cruise brands that are owned as well as operated by Carnival corporation and plc. The carnival liberty was set to sail on the month of July in two thousand and five (Kwortnik, 2010). It contained a passenger capacity of two thousand nine hundred and seventy four, being the twenty- first vessels to sail in Carnival Cruise Lines task force. This provided Carnival with more carrying capacity of the passengers than all the other cruise airlines worldwide. The Carnival Cruise Lines have faced many experiences since its establishment. The advanced Carnival The current Carnival was made different dramatically, than the initial company, which was pioneered by the cruise industry`s pioneer, Ted Arison, which began with perceptive marketing and secondhand ships. The Carnival passenger volume tripled when the North American volume for passengers doubled, encouraging more than three million passengers` guests to sail in Carnival in the year two thousand and four, as well as a figure that represented almost one in every three cruisers. The Carnival`s returns were very encouraging as the fiscal year that includes two thousand and four, the Carnival Corp. and plc reported a net income of one point eight five billion dollars on revenues of nine point seven three billion dollars. Carnival has remained true to its roots of providing fun to the customers. The leadership team were considering on the right time for setting an advanced course for Carnival as well as the ways of reinventing the brand while still maintaining its essence. The aggressive system The origin of the contemporary cruise industry initiated in the nineteen sixties, on th...
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