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Google technologies Self-driving automobile Technology Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Instructions for Final Case Study

In this essay, you will analyze five Google technologies that are current under research and development, including the self-driving automobile and four other technologies of your choice. The last chapter of your textbook discusses the search and advertising technologies of Google. While Google is best known for their search and advertising technologies, they also have a multi-billion dollar research and development department that works on cutting edge technologies ranging from self-driving automobiles to renewable energy. For your final case study, you will research 4 technologies (in addition to the self-driving automobile) that Google is currently developing, other than the search, advertising, and Gmail features that we are already familiar with. Please refer back to the Week 7 Forum for additional guidance on choosing your other four technologies.

Before you begin writing, download the attached file, FinalCaseStudy.docx, and very carefully read and follow all instructions contained in the file. Also, make sure you compose your essay in the provided template file, as it is already formatted with the correct margins, fonts, headings and sub-headings, etc.
Self-driving automobile
Project Wing (a drone delivery project)
Google Fiber
Project Loon (providing Internet service via balloon)
Home Automation and Smart Thermostats (Google Nest)
Here are a couple links to get you started in your research into Google --
Google's Self-Driving Cars:
Google's Project Wing:
Google Fiber:
Research at Google:
thank you!


Google Technologies
American Public University System

Google is not merely a search engine; as Alphabet, the parent company has various products, services, and technology tools. For instance, Google's self-driving relies on self-driving software and other technologies to move without requiring drivers. Innovative technologies have been used to improve the functionality of Google technologies, which have been deployed in different areas. The self-driving automobiles, Google's Project Wing (a drone delivery project), Google Fiber, Project Loon (providing Internet service via balloon) and the Home Automation and Smart Thermostats (Google Nest), have met some of the customer needs, but better testing, improved technology capability, and regulatory change will likely spur increased adoption of these technologies.
Self-driving automobile
Self- driving automobile/ autonomous/ driverless cars drive themselves with little input from drivers as they have technology that allows them to perform actions automatically. Alphabet has undertaken research and testing to ensure that self-driving is reliable. This has been associated with greater car safety, and fewer accidents, unlike mistakes, caused by human errors and distraction. Besides the installed software Google integrates the use of cameras, radar sensors, and laser to guide the vehicle with no one behind the wheels.

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