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Situational Leadership Case Studies. Technology Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Week 6 (WK6) - Discussion 6 (D6): Case Studies - "Situational Leadership"
• Read each Case Study within the document entitled, Situational Leadership, provided within this Module.
• This document comprises several leadership strategies and rationales. Review ALL the Videos (this week and prior weeks) to refresh your memories.
• Determine what action you think would be most appropriate for the Leader to take in each situation.
• Rank your answers from 1 - 4 with #1 being the most appropriate Leadership response and #4 being the least appropriate response.
• Discuss your Leadership decisions and actions taken and post your determinations (and why they were most appropriate) on the Discussion D-6.
• Cite your sources (references).


Situational Leadership Case Studies
Due Date
Situational Leadership Case Studies
Situation 1
For this scenario, the most appropriate action the leader should take is a. Having been assigned the responsibility to design and implement a new initiative, it is crucial that the Project Director defines the responsibilities of the team. Since the team is new, it is also appropriate that the project director presents an overview of the design process to be used, and to also direct the work of the team in developing the new project. 

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