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Report on Paul’s Letter Religion & Theology Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Report on Paul's Letter:
Each student is to do a report on the assigned Letter of the New Testament. Written or Power Point, the Report should include:
Historical Context: What is going on in the City Paul is writing to
Who: Who wrote the letter and why did the author write?
Major Themes: What are some of the major themes of the letter
Important Information: About Paul, the author and the Church Community that Paul/Author was writing too.
Scripture Passages: Include scripture passages and their interpreations. (2-3 examples)
USING the material that i give to you,


Report on Paul’s Letter
Due Date
Report on Paul’s Letter
Historical Context
Well, the letter to the Ephesians was not addressed to any particular church or people but to the entire church. At the time of its writing, the church was comprised of both the Jews and the Gentiles and the letter to the Ephesians was written to offer guidance to the church in general. The focus of the letter is on how the church can and should co-exist as a body of Christ.
In the city of Ephesus, the church was evolving and growing. Instead of being predominantly Jew, the church was growing and absorbing even the Gentiles. So, there was confusion on how the Jews and Gentiles should co-exist together. The letter of Ephesians was thus written to provide a way out of the confusion. By reiterating that the church is one body in Christ, the author was able to offer the church a way out and help it to stand the test of diversity.

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