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Religion-unification of Hawaiian Islands History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


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Hawaiian Islands
Hawaiian Islands
Religion was a crucial part of the Hawaiian Islands. This stems from the fact that, religion was a crucial part of the pillars that were elected in the society as part of making sure that the people were morally upright (Conklin, 2015).
What is more is the fact that even the element of governance was largely associated with religion. For example, the chiefs were thought of as intermediaries between the gods and the people. As such people were very keen to make sure that they did not dishonor their older nation. Even after the traditional religion of the people wiggled away, the islands were largely guided by the religious beliefs that they held and practiced (Conklin, 2015).
Religion remains as the most important fact and one that would lead to the success of Kamehameha's reign. This was relative to the fact that, through the u

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