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Case Study
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Case Study: Prince Harry’s Mental Health Struggles Psychology Paper (Case Study Sample)


Case Study
Mental illness is a reality for so many people in our world today and excludes no one. For this assignment, you will research a famous person who has struggled with mental illness.
In a two-page case study using the information learned in this unit, address the prompts below in your assignment.
Be sure to first describe your person, his or her situation, and how your chosen intervention method can offer help. This may require additional outside research from the CSU Online Library or another psychological textbook.
How would you propose helping the individual you selected?
Are there specific therapies you feel might benefit his or her situation, and why?
Be sure to use APA style for your assignment, and make certain to cite your textbook and any additional outside resources.


Case Study: Prince Harry’s Mental Health Struggles
Case Study: Prince Harry’s Mental Health Struggles
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, is a member of the British royal family. Richter (2017) argues that he is the second son of Charles and Diana, the prince and princess of Wales. Harry is sixth in line for the succession of the British throne. In his late 20s, Prince Harry revealed his experience normalizing mental health struggles, including his unprocessed grief after losing his mother (Richter, 2017). Princess Diana died in 1997 when Prince Harry was twelve years old, and it was not an easy occasion and aftermath for him to take and cop with easily (Richter, 2017). He always thought and said he was okay until the issue developed to extreme levels he could not handle. According to his speech to the public, losing his mom affected his public and personal life, resulting in mental illness.

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