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Reducing Individual Bonuses on Motivation and Engagement of Employees (Case Study Sample)


Please see the attachment and write the case study Part A only.


Case Study Question: Potential Impact of Reducing Individual Bonuses on The Motivation and Engagement of Employees


  Motivation is defined as a person’s desire to achieve something beyond expectations that depend on internal factors as well as the need for continuous improvement. In the workplace, motivation is a psychological process. It results from how an employee interacts with their work environment. According to scholars, motivation must have some level of willingness. The motive is not possible if workers do not have a willingness to increase their effort to achieve what they desire. Motivation is made up of three main factors: what a person is trying to accomplish (the direction), how hard a person is trying to achieve what they want to achieve (effort), and how long a person is willing to keep trying until they succeed (persistence) Theories of motivation attempt to explain the reason why people are willing to put consistent effort to accomplish what they desire. It is at times challenging to improve engagement levels from workers in a small independent financial services company, and a number of factors have been identified to play a role in determining the motivation and engagement levels of employees in workplaces

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